Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy 2014

Building on the 2008 Western Cape Climate Change Response Strategy and Action Plan, the updated Strategy is newly aligned with the National Climate Change Response Policy and geared to strategically direct and mainstream climate change actions and related issues throughout relevant Provincial transversal agendas. (Western Cape Provincial Government, 2014)


The Low-Carbon Central City Strategy

This 2013 low carbon strategy is for the central Cape Town city area and provides data and information as well as action plans to move the city towards a lower carbon trajectory. Key areas for change lie in electricity and transport efficiency. (Sustainable Energy Africa and Cape Town Partnership, 2013)


Polokwane Municipality Energy Strategy

The Polokwane Municipality Energy Strategy sets out the municipality’s plan to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy within its area of jurisdiction (FutureWorks, SALGA and Urban Earth, 2013).


Eastern Cape Climate Change Response Strategy

The Eastern Cape Provincial Government’s policy responses to facilitate planned and co-ordinated approaches to both climate change mitigation and adaptation. (Dept. of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs, Eastern Cape Provincial Govt., 2011)


Hessequa Energy and Climate Change Strategy

The strategy aims to reduce the man-made causes of climate change through the promotion of a more sustainable use of energy, while also identifying communities and ecosystems most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change in order to minimise these impacts. (Hessequa Municipality)


Sol Plaatje Energy and Climate Change Strategy 2009

This report sets out the Municipality’s short and medium term plan to combat climate change and promote sustainable energy solutions within its area of jurisdiction. The SPECCS also draws on Sol Plaatje’s vision of emerging as South Africa’s premier ‘Solar City,’ in line with the municipality’s ‘Declaration of Commitment to Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation’. (Sustainable Energy Africa for Sol Plaatje Municipality, 2009)


Western Cape Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2008

The response strategy and action plan aims to strengthen the Western Cape Province’s resilience to climate change and its adaptive capacity, particularly in vulnerable economic sectors and communities. It further aims to maintain the Western Cape’s status as a relatively low greenhouse gas emitter by reducing the provincial carbon footprint even in the face of economic growth. (Western Cape Provincial Government, 2008)


EThekwini Energy Strategy 2008

The Energy Strategy is the eThekwini Energy Office’s most important document and acts as plan of action for all Energy Office projects. ( Enviros Consulting for EThekwini Municipality, 2008)