Population Dynamics in Municipalities

This SALGA brief report of the population dynamics across provinces and municipalities presents an analysis of population growth over a ten year period (2008 – 2018) and five year period (2013 – 2018), and migration patterns. The brief explains the impact of population size on resource allocation, particularly the equitable share.


Building Consensus for Net Zero Carbon Buildings in South African Cities

This Situation Brief outlines the Status Quo of achieving net zero carbon building targets in South Africa. It considers the importance of net zero carbon buildings, the positions of international and local organisations and the progress made towards net zero carbon buildings in South Africa. Finally, it identifies key gaps that must be dealt with in order to develop consensus on the pathway towards NZC Buildings in South Africa. (Gardner, 2020).


Safe and Legal Installations of Rooftop PV in Cape Town

This document provides guidelines on how to install rooftop solar PV safely and legally, including information on how to decide on the type of system installed, how to select a service provider and the key requirements for installation. (City of Cape Town, 2020)


Routes to Compliance note: Notes for Cities

The Net Zero Carbon Building Policy goal is to achieve a reduction in the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the built environment by reworking the way buildings are planned, designed and erected. This note can be used by Cities either an annex to the Policy or it is incorporated into the introduction (Pegasys, 2020).


Roadmap to Net Zero Carbon Buildings for 2020-2030: Policy Update

This a Roadmap that presents the key activities required by the City to achieve net zero carbon buildings by 2030. The activities highlighted in the roadmap and the corresponding approaches are pragmatic, innovative, and flexible and will be adapted to the global and local context as well as to the evolving national and legal landscape, when and if required (Pegasys, 2020).