Gamagara Enforcing Energy Efficiency in New Buildings

This case study explores regulating energy efficiency in all new buildings. It covers the benefits of energy efficiency in buildings to both building owners and the municipality, as well as a short, easy-to-read overview of the SANS 10400-XA requirements. (GIZ, SALGA, 2015)


Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan of Alternative Energy Technology Options for Unelectrified Informal Settlements in Gauteng Province

This report assesses the suitability and appropriateness of alternative clean energy technologies to meet the primary household energy requirements of cooking, lighting, water heating and space heating in densely-populated unelectrified informal communities in Gauteng. (Produced by SEA, SED & UCT for Gauteng Province Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2015)


Financing the Transition to a New Infrastructure Paradigm in Fast-Growing Secondary Cities: a Case Study of Saldanha Bay (Saldanha Bay)

This report focuses on the financing of green infrastructure, with Saldanha Bay as a case study. It covers (1) secondary cities and municipal sustainability, (2) gaps in current models of municipal infrastructure provision, (3) green infrastructure for municipal sustainability, (4) evaluating green municipal infrastructure, (5) implementing green municipal infrastructure – financing considerations and options, and (5) key recommendations and questions. (ICLEI, 2015)


Potential for Integration of Distributed Solar PV Systems in Drakenstein Municipality (Drakenstein)

This report investigates the potential for municipalities to play a more pro-active role in rolling out distributed energy to address electricity constraints and generate income. This is done through an analysis of three municipal buildings to determine their suitability for rooftop PV followed by a pre-feasibility report (both technical and financial) in respect of the optimal building selected. (WWF, 2015)


Embedded Energy Generation Experience in a South African Metro (Nelson Mandela Bay)

This document outlines the experiences and lessons learnt with regards to small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) within Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality. It covers costs and financing, barriers to implementation, suggestions for a way forward, and important aspects that other municipalities need to consider before allowing SSEG. (ICLEI, 2015)