Organisational Capacity Assessment Chris Hani District Municipality

This is an assessment developed for SA-LED for institutional capacity assessments for municipalities. The assessment focuses on the important organizational dimensions of a municipality and identifies areas of strength and required improvement. The self-evaluation assessment also facilitates the implementation of a guided capacity building process. The assessment helps establish a baseline from which the municipality can measure progress. (USAID SA Low Emissions Development Program, 2017)


Energy Poverty and Gender in Urban South Africa

This report presents an update on the current state of energy poverty in South African cities and a follow-up to the report ‘Tackling Urban Energy Poverty in South Africa’ published in 2014. It aims to develop suitable gender-sensitive energy solutions for urban municipalities. Part A addresses factors influencing energy poverty and Part B reviews the impact of pro-poor energy policies. (Sustainable Energy Africa, 2017)


REIPPPP Review 2016: a Critique of the Process of Socio-Economic Benefits Implementation

This review critically examines the current Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme (REI4P) model of socio-economic development implementation. More specifically, it asks whether the REI4P is creating decent full-time jobs to its maximum potential, delivering services to those affected communities, and empowering communities to identify and implement opportunities beyond the renewable energy projects. (McDaid, 2016


Municipal Landfill Gas to Electricity Grid-Tied Project: Johannesburg (Johannesburg)

The Johannesburg landfill gas to energy project, initially conceived as a carbon reduction project, aims to mitigate greenhouse gases from five landfill sites in Johannesburg, through converting its landfill gas to electricity. The five sites have a combined potential capacity of 18.6 MW of electricity, and the project will be by far the largest municipal-driven renewable energy development in South Africa to date. (GIZ, SALGA & SEA, 2016)