Monitoring and Verification Scope of Work (Tshwane)

A Scope of Work document, produced by City of Tshwane Municipality, for the Monitoring and Verification of Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management projects. This document can be used as a template by other municipalities. (City of Tshwane)


Cape Town SWH Programme Lessons Learnt 11-14 (Cape Town)

These four amalgamated solar water heater (SWH) Programme documents provide: (1) a code of conduct for service providers accredited under Cape Town’s Residential SWH Accreditation Programme (2) a service agreement between the City and the Plumbing Industry Registration Board to assist in monitoring the standards of SWHs installed by Accredited Service Providers (3) a professional services agreement between the City and the Western Cape Approved Electrical Inspection Authority, and (4) a pre-launch briefing for potential applicants to Cape Town’s Residential SWH Accreditation Programme.


State of Energy in South African Cities 2020

This 4th edition of the Report features 20 of South Africa’s most energy intensive cities and towns and tracks energy use in cities since 2007, presenting emerging trends in energy efficiency and renewable energy uptake, and examines the governance of transition. (SEA, 2020).


Summary report on net zero pathway for cities

CSIR comments regarding the net zero carbon pathway for the SA C40 cities. This analysis was performed as part of the work done by the CSIR in support of the City of Tshwane updating of the Green Building Development Policy and By-law and is not a final report but a reflection of work in progress (CSIR, 2020).


Building the Future Electricity System

The purpose of this presentation is to now discuss the renewable energy component and how this energy supply element can be incorporated into the South African New Buildings programme to reach Net Zero Carbon. The presentation highlights the critical elements of transitioning to a Renewable Energy (RE) future (Sustainable Energy Africa, 2020).